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Earn money monthly by inviting friends to Beew

Invite friends that don't use Beew yet. If they subscribe, you will get 30% of their subscription every month.

How to join Beew's referral program

Create a beew account and click in the "Referral Program" in the Sidebar menu. You will find your invite URL at this page, and all you need to do is share it with your friends.


If one of your friends subscribes to Beew, you receive 30% of all payments:

  • User subscribes to Monthly Scale Subscription, you earn $4,20 every month.
  • User subscribes to Yearly Scale Subscription, you earn $42 every year.


In the first payment we will get in touch to get more informations related to your Paypal account. After that, all payments will be done automatically every month.

Lock period

It can take up to 30 days between the payment confirmation and the comission payment. This time is used to make sure that the payment is legit.


You can always reach out through caio.rolla@beew.io or DM me on Twitter.